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Windows 10 updates for all WP8 Lumia Smartphones

Nov 14, 2014
Windows 10 updates for all WP8 Lumia Smartphones

One Product, One Platform and One Store - Windows 10

As we all know, Microsoft is working seriously on "One Product for All" and recently, it has released the developer preview of Windows 10. Now, the company is preparing for the new updates for its Windows Phone 8 devices. Yes, its Windows 10 for Lumia phones. 

According to the Microsoft's twitter account, the announcement explores the Windows 10 updates for all Lumia phones by next year. It might be possible that, the next year 2016 will be something like awesome for Windows users as there will be Windows 10 for PC, Phone and tablets. And importantly, that will be in just one installation. One of the great step of Microsoft is to make compatible its more than 3 years old phones with less RAM with the latest Windows OS. This will help to make the Windows phones more popular and to make people engaged with it.